Elite, scecred
Zectoys Army is not the best army, but not the worst by far, he only leads sengeli, and maybe y'nme, there his close friend. He has many highly trained units, and rookies, he also keeps his brother with him, evan though he has about 10, he only keeps 2 with him, at all times.

V'tar ZuleEdit

His oldest brother, but also the stealthiest, he was trained since birth, he never cried, he never made a sound, in school he was granted an illegal stealthing device, which he used regulerly, he was never coaght but it helped him train for his becoming of the, Special Operations Commander of the Covenant. A very hard to get rank.

P'tas ZuleEdit

His brother next in line. The smartest of his family, and able to speak at the age of 3, he new multiple covenant laungeges by the age of 6, and also he was the smartest one of youngling in the entire region he was born in by the age of 10. At the age of 20 he was awarded most advance mind on the planet Sanghelios. Then at 23, Head of councilors division, and he wore the acient insignia, on his armor. Then he was put into his brother Zectoys army, for moral reason, and to make sure he could win the fight.

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